October 5, 2008

Dog Blog?

I certainly don't intend for this blog (or my life) to get to the point where Sprout is the most exciting thing I have to share. But considering this weekend was dominated by paper writing and lesson planning, I don't currently have too much else to share, meaning that Sprout's vet appointment was actually (sadly?) the most exciting thing that happened.

So I had lots of questions for the vet, mainly about our upcoming trip to California (!) this week. I was worried about Sprout getting too stressed out having to stay in her carrier under the seat for the cross-country flight, and wanted to see about getting her a little something to take the edge off. I know, I'm only sounding more and more like a crazy dog lady, but I have reason to be concerned. We once brought my childhood dog, Vicar, on a plane for a family vacation to Oregon, and let's just say that Vicar got really nervous, and that the result was really... smelly. Really, really smelly.

But back to Sprout.

We arrived at the vet's office, and I'm totally prepared to explain how high strung she is, how easily she gets nervous, and I'm sure that Sprout (who quivers and quakes when dry leaves blow by too loudly) will demonstrate her personality as evidence of the need for some sort of sedative. But apparently, Sprout loves the vet. As soon as we walked into the office, she hopped on the metal examination table and rolled over, waiting for someone to pet her tummy. Cool, calm, collected. So again, I just ended up looking like a crazy dog lady.

And as it turns out, vets no longer prescribe pets any sort of tranquilizers for air travel because of risk of heart attack (sorry Vicar) and have turned instead to herbal remedies. So now Sprout has a little bottle of Valerian, which is the exact same thing anxious people take.

So the good news is, even if I am actually turning into a crazy dog lady who worries too much about Sprout, at least we can share the same drugs.

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