October 28, 2008

Halloween-Themed Post #2

Favorite Halloween costumes of the past.

LITTLE BO PEEP: I was five, my brother was barely one, and he got to go as my sheep.

ENCHANTRESS: This the closest I've ever been to dressing up as a witch (don't tell the cooperative preschool). I never wanted to be something scary or gory, so this was an elegant compromise. I've maintained my dislike of dressing in frightening Halloween costumes to this day. In fact, the only use of fake blood in a costume of mine has been a very tasteful bloody nose the year I dressed up as Mia Wallace.

PIERROT THE CLOWN: I think I was at least 10 years old the year I dressed up as this Commedia dell'Arte character. Kind of a bizarre choice considering my friends were dressing as cowgirls or hippies, but in hindsight, I'm glad I had the guts to go for it.

MAD HATTER: One year, Miranda (my elementary school best friend) and I thought we were very cool for assembling our costumes out of second hand items found at Aardvark's on Melrose. We also sacrificed our entire collection of band-aids (unused!) to decorate our old Converse. The shoes really pulled the whole thing together.

CLARIFICATION: that is NOT me in the picture. Same costume from a catalog, but not yours truly. My version of Pierrot had a tear face painted on. Sad Pierrot.


Holly said...

i don't remember Pierrot the Clown...where WAS I?? did a little package come in the mail to you??

Kristin Joy said...
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