October 13, 2008

Right Back Where We Started From

Creature comforts. So nice to spend time in a house that has a fully functional kitchen, washer & dryer, and cable television. Not to mention I was surrounded by my favorite creatures.

Automobile. We drove a lot, and I finally conquered the freeways.

Library at the Getty Research Institute, where we were treated to an insider peek at some devices of wonder.

Introducing my two favorite pups-- Matilda & Sprout. Matilda was a wonderful hostess, she even got out her stuffed hedgehog to share.

Frolicking on Arroyo Burro Beach, and witnessing Sprout's first experience with the ocean. She was quite brave!

October 13th with MAB.


Nat. Thanks for hanging out!

In N' Out. Cheeseburger with no tomato or onion, fries & a chocolate milkshake. Please.

Anticipation of returning soon...

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Holly said...

i so missed seeing you, M and S. hope you got some great pix of the fluffy girls!