October 17, 2008

Work It

Even though Fashion Week has come and gone in real time, I've experienced it televisually twice this week. First, and only because I'm really behind in my fall programming, on Gossip Girl. Serena walked the runway (gasp!) in a dress designed by Jenny (gasp!). Then there was Leanne's big win (yay Leanne!) on Project Runway. Not only do I love Leanne's clothes, I also love that she made Tim Gunn ride a bicycle built for two when he visited her in Portland, making for another great Tim Gunn moment, though not as great the turtle poop incident. Oh, and also I'm digging Leanne's glasses. Reappropriate those.

I actually had my own first hand encounter with Fashion Week last month. While waiting to meet Stephan for a breakfast break in Bryant Park, Meredith and I found ourselves smack dab in the middle of Fashion Week action. We watched parades of models march from tent to tent. We stood behind a cluster of paparazzi hoping to see someone interesting (no luck). We were handed lots of free promotional items, including a stuffed rhino head key chain. After we had all met up and purchased a ridiculous amount of pastries from 'Wichcraft & Le Pain Quotidien, we snagged a table and chairs admidst the fashion hub bub. To keep things interesting, Meredith would periodically yell out "Marc Jacobs!"

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