November 11, 2008

The Green Mountain State

It was a lovely weekend in Vermont. I certainly don't want to downplay the wonderfulness of taking the dogs on adventures in the woods, seeing (and loving) Rachel Getting Married at the local one-screen cinema / video store, or spending time with best friend Marina, but I would like to focus on one particular highlight of the trip: the food. All of it was either purchased from the co-op or grown in someone's farm or garden. Even more importantly, all of it was lovingly prepared. If I always ate this well, I would have to write some sort of food memoir, à la Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and this would be an excerpt from this weekend:

Friday Dinner:

Fresh baguette, brie & baby spinach served with tomato basil soup. Pumpkin cake for dessert.

Saturday Brunch:

Eggs Benedict from Kismet (with tempeh and chevre).

Saturday Dinner:

Squash, kale & cabbage, tempura burdock & carrots.

Sunday Breakfast:

Eggs served over broccoli & kale with toasted squash seeds. Garlic parsley mash on the side.

Sunday Lunch:

Winter squash and sauteed burdock (just dug up from the garden in the back!)

Sunday Dinner:

Miso soup and homemade kimchi (thanks to Marina's foray into Wild Fermentation). Pear strudel for dessert.

Monday Breakfast:

Toasted garlic bagel and herbal tea sweetened with maple syrup.

I'm already plotting my next Vermont meal, I mean, visit.

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Holly said...

I admit, I did not know what Burdock was so I had to look it up..."The prickly heads of these plants are noted for easily catching on to fur and clothing, thus providing an excellent mechanism for seed dispersal. Burrs cause local irritation and can possibly cause intestinal hairballs in pets. However, most animals avoid ingesting these plants." Sounds like you knew the right part to eat and the right part to avoid!!