December 6, 2008

True Calling (?)

The imminent end of grad school means I've got thoughts of future plans swirling around my head. Now I'm not sure whether or not (or at least how much) I believe in signs and messages and The Alchemist and all that, but if I did, it's pretty clear I'm meant to forget any real career dreams and follow my true path... as a nanny. Here's what the universe has revealed to me lately:

1. In an effort to procrastinate writing my final papers, I was perusing the video offerings on various television networks' websites. When I found that ABC was now offering Supernanny, my heart was filled with joy.

2. While hanging out with Emma yesterday, we got to talking about what makes a good babysitter (she's not so crazy about her new one). She, insightful and hilarious as always, noted, "a good babysitter sits next to me while I do my homework and offers to help." Sound familiar?

3. A group of us went ice skating in Central Park to celebrate Kashmira's birthday today. Technically, they ice skated, and I guarded the bags and shoes while sipping hot chocolate. This was totally my own choice, as I detest ice skating, but do actually enjoy watching and waving to my friends as they zip by. Something about my behavior prompted a fancy Manhattan lady to approach me and inquire, "Excuse me, are you an au pair?"

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