January 27, 2009

2 or 3 Things

There wasn't too much I was looking forward to about returning to NYC. It's cold here. But there have been a few little things that have cheered me up.

1. New light fixtures throughout the apartment! I didn't even know this was happening, apparently one day the electrician just showed up. It doesn't even bother me that they put a square shaped fixture on a round base, it's so much better than bare light bulbs.

2. Free treats for Sprout! Despite the frigid temperatures, I took her on a long walk the other day. While passing a local salon, a man at the door stopped us, asked if Sprout would like a free dog treat and invited us in. I was picturing one dog bone or something, but he gifted us with this cute little baggie of organic and homemade (by one of the hairdressers) doggie snacks.

3. Using my new bowl! While in Cali, Meredith, my mom and I went to Color Me Mine. I was quite pleased with how mine turned out, and so far have used it to eat cereal, chili, and mac n' cheese (though not all at the same time). It made each one taste more delicious.


la_sale_bete said...

glad you've got a few things to brighten your day! more to come!

ML said...

welcome back!