April 9, 2009

Crossed Off Life's To-Do List

Today on the journey up to Santa Barbara, Sprout got carsick. This happened once before, but I had figured it was a fluke. Turns out that the P.L.D. (poor little dog) does actually have some motion sickness issues. Nat was less than thrilled about Sprout's regurgitated gift, but I promised we would pull off the freeway the first chance we got and get the necessary cleaning supplies at a gas station. And guess where the next exit was? La Conchita! From the freeway, it appeared that there was a small gas station, but once we got closer we realized it was actually only a makeshift, one-man farmer's market operation. We ended up driving the through the entire town (all 3 streets) to get back on the right track, and despite the quickly congealing dog barf in the back seat, I found the whole experience quite enchanting.

In other news, we drove for several miles behind a mini-van with a license plate that read "NUDEGLO." Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the driver was an elderly woman with a handicap placard. Curious.

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