April 15, 2009

Four Somewhat Related Thoughts About Elephants

1. Once in college, I (alone and sniffling in my dorm room) watched an Animal Planet documentary about elephants. Why was I sniffling? Apparently, elephant herds must make the same trek each year to find water during the dry season, and they are led on this difficult journey by the matriarch of the group. The matriarch of the particular herd being followed by the filmmakers had been shot the previous year by poachers; she managed to escape, but only to die later along the trail. Next year, when the elephants approached the spot where she had died, they became noticeably somber. They found her bones, and caressed them with their trunks. Then, they took her tusks (the parts valuable to the poachers) and hid them in brush, so that her remains would not be disturbed. I have loved elephants ever since.

2. A former roommate of mine had a watering can shaped like an elephant. It got me thinking, how cute would it be if elephants, kind of like horses, could be bred so small that they could live as household pets?! It would be so comforting to have a little trunk draped over your knee.

3. I recently learned that a perfectly preserved baby mammoth was discovered in Siberia. It is almost the perfect size for a household pet!

4. Aria posted this amazing YouTube video of an elephant painting. It can paint better than I can.

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