May 1, 2009

"How do you recover from a food coma?"

I learned a new vocabulary word recently, and that word is "sate," which means to satisfy an appetite fully, or, to satisfy to excess. And that's exactly what Meng and I did yesterday.

Meng is leaving NYC to go to B school, and she will be missed.

Usually, it's me asking Meng for restaurant recommendations (once she made me an Excel spreadsheet to help determine a birthday dinner destination) but after I tried Shopsin's for the first time, I knew that for once I had found something special to share with her, and the week before her departure from the City of Dreams seemed the perfect occasion.

So here's what we ordered. She got chicken marsala with mushrooms. We were sitting at the counter, which gave us a perfect view into the kitchen, and we overheard Kenny asking what exactly went into that dish-- apparently it hadn't been prepared in quite sometime. But once it was, all the wait staff tried it and approved, complementing Meng on her excellent choice. I had "The Pothead," which is a sandwich comprised of an absolutely amazing turkey, coleslaw, mayo, and cranberry concoction. It's kind of like all of Thanksgiving rolled into one, but I'd venture to say it's even better than Thanksgiving.

Then, as if we weren't stuffed enough, we swung by an old favorite, Sugar Sweet Sunshine. An Ooey-gooey for her, a Bob for me. Delish.

And, on a totally unrelated note, here's Meng & me wearing Chinese face masks which, according to her translation, contained "donkey hide" as one of the ingredients. My skin felt great afterwards.

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