July 16, 2009

I (Still) <3 U Internets

With the exception of the incredible Kitten Loves Puppy video, I've been a negligent blogger lately. And I probably will remain relatively MIA for the next three weeks. This is due to a new summer job that involves waking up at 6am for 9 hour work days spent with 30 young children and 4 sassy teenage counselors. At least I don't have to wear shoes at work, which is a great perk. So my motto for the summer is "work hard, play hard" and there have been lots of fun times, such as: Megha's birthday in Prospect Park, Harry Potter on opening day, burritos at Benny's, haircuts, discovering kohlrabi, and many, many trips to the dog park with Sprout. There's more on the horizon for this weekend, including a rooftop party at Maggie's and a visit from Marina. All this working hard and playing hard doesn't leave much time for blogging, but to make up for my absence in the blogosphere, here's a Kitten/Puppy follow-up:

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