October 4, 2009

Thoughts about Tofu & Phenylethylamine

Lately I've been considering making the switch to vegetarianism. I'm already about 90% there-- I never cook meat myself, so other than the occasional deli meats, my kitchen is already meat-free. I often opt for the vegetarian option when dining out, partly because I'm picky about meat but mostly because it's often the most delicious-looking option. I like tofu. I've been taking baby steps towards eating more locally-grown and seasonal food (it's hard in the city) and I've been enjoying it-- it's cheaper and it forces me to cook and learn new things (like this week's beet-roasting experiment). But when I think seriously about giving up meat for reals, there are a few things stopping me. They are:

- Bacon (especially turkey)
- In N'Out (cheeseburger, no tomatoes)
- London Broil (the key part of many a birthday meal)
- Hot dogs (this is New York City!)
- Salami (bet you didn't know that it contains a ton of phenylethylamine, the same chemical that your brain releases when you fall in love and what makes chocolate so desirable)

The last two items on the list are the ones I eat most frequently, and I often justify my love of salami and hot dogs by saying they use parts of the animal that might otherwise go to waste. And I wonder if that thought automatically labels me a true carnivore.

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la_sale_bete said...

maybe you can try vegetarian salami?