December 18, 2009

I Want to be Your Housewife

Next month will bring a lot of new things: new year, new roomie, and NEW JOB. I am officially leaving the freelance lifestyle for a "real" job. One that's forty hours a week and comes with health insurance. One for which I need to buy more work-appropriate clothes. I've never had a legit job like this before, and I'm overly excited for silly little things, like getting business cards and decorating my cubicle. I'm glad that now, when people ask me what I do, I can answer in less than ten words. But seriously, I'm really looking forward to this new position-- it's a perfect combination of my interests and at an institution I've always admired, and I know it's the right thing for me professionally and personally.


It hasn't been easy leaving behind my handful of freelance and part time gigs. I'll miss my museum eduction work and getting to spend days surrounded by art. I'll miss the classes I teach and my sassy, smart students. Maybe most of all I'll miss my regular afternoons with Emma.

Plus I'm bracing myself for a big lifestyle change. A freelance schedule is hectic, but it sure has its perks. Like having random Wednesday afternoons off. It's suits my homebody personality to have quiet time at home during the work week; time when I can pretend I'm a housewife. So I've been relishing in the last week of my faux-housewifery. I've been wrapping gifts and playing Christmas music constantly. I cleaned out and organized every single drawer, cabinet, closet and shelf in the apartment. I made a pie. On the warmer days, I've taken Sprout for long afternoon strolls, and on colder days, we've cuddled inside. And I've worn stretchy pants a lot-- I'll really miss those too.


Holly said...

you are just the cutest little house wife ever!

Maggie said...

Well said! As a former freelancer who also enjoyed a random afternoon movie & taking the subway at off-peak times from job to job, I imagine it's a bittersweet change.

la_sale_bete said...

You're going to be so great at your new job!
Soon there's going to be a new faux-housewife in that can't cook and doesn't really like to clean.