January 30, 2010

Reappropriate This: Weekend Edition

Hello? Anyone still out there?

I'll admit my blogging has really slowed down over the past month. Turns out having a full-time job really takes up a lot of time. On top of learning to use Microsoft Outlook, decorating my cubicle and perfecting my water cooler chit chat on Mondays through Fridays, I have also been working weekends finishing out a pre-full-time work commitment. What's more, I've continued teaching my afterschool film course one afternoon a week until the end of semester. Oh and wait, I decided this crazy month was also the perfect time to repaint, reorganize and redecorate the whole apartment. But the paint is dry, the extra jobs are over, and I'm gonna get back to the blog-o-sphere. At least once a week. So stay tuned, friends.

1 comment:

Holly said...

good...i miss your cute and clever blog entries....no fair that life intrudes...