June 19, 2010

Hello? Anyone Out There?

Well, it's certainly been awhile, hasn't it? Just look at all those spam comments on my last post!

I realize I've been totally M.I.A. the past few months, and I guess I'll just chalk it up to adjusting to a new full time job that demands very long hours from March through mid-May. I hadn't blogged for so long, that at a certain point I thought that good old Reappropriate This had just died a natural death. But that crazy work time is (thankfully) over, which has given me more time to read other people's blogs, which has made me realize how much I miss having my own blog. So I'm back, attempted to resurrect this site.

Here are a few new things that have happened since January.

I've wasted many seeds and killed many delicate seedlings, but I've perservered with my indoor garden. In a few instances, I caved and bought already healthy plants at the store (see basil on left). I'm trying to grow an avocado tree (center) and, in my one success story, I grew this out-of-control tomato plant from a seed.

Meredith and Jamie's joint birthday picnic at Prospect Park got rained out, but Chris and Michael saved the day by inviting us over for an indoor picnic.

Our CSA started! It's still the time of year where we're getting mostly greens (lettuce and mesclun and spinach and bok choy and kale!!!) but it's still totally awesome. Maybe I'll share some meals in some upcoming posts.

Here's to being back in the blogging saddle.

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Holly said...

love the new format and so glad you're back in the blogging world,,,,,