June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

For Jamie's birthday, we ventured to karaoke in Koreatown. It wasn't until moving to NYC that I experienced the private room karaoke scene, where for an hourly rate you and a group of friends get a small "studio" outfitted with laser show, a binder listing thousands of songs to choose from, and a tamborine. The amount of reverb on the microphones makes everyone sound like a rock star, plus it's BYOB, so sooner or later you feel like a rock star. We rediscovered lots of great tunes from days gone by, and when I looked them up on YouTube, I discovered some even greater (weirder) music videos. Which got me thinking, it would be fun to feature a song each week. I don't plan on having any rhyme or reason to the choices, and I'm certainly not promising that I'll be sharing anything cutting-edge or noteworthy. Just whatever has been getting a little extra play on my iPod. First up, a special belated-birthday dedication to Jamie, who rocked this number at karaoke.

Annie Lennox, "Walking On Broken Glass"

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