July 30, 2010


Sprout usually greets us at the door, wagging her nubbin and flopping on the floor with excitement. The other day, we arrived home from a brunch with friends, only this time there was no dog to meet us. We called her name, but there was no sign of her. The apartment is not that big, and it wasn't taking long for me to get worried. Luckily, Meredith quickly found her in the office, the door shut behind her. When the window is open (which it always is during this disgusting heat wave) a moderately strong gust of wind will blow the door closed. Sprout generally doesn't hang out in there while we're gone, but since we hadn't yet put away the air mattress used by the aforementioned house guests, the office had quickly become Sprout's favorite spot. Poor doggy was probably in there for several hours, although she seemed no worse for the wear. Just a little thirsty, and ready to bound to greet us with an extra amount of glee.

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