February 6, 2009

Dawn-Zer Lee Light

My first journal was a Ramona Quimby journal. It had questions for you to fill out about yourself, and about yourself in relation to Ramona. If you don't know who Ramona is, it's probably because you're not a twenty-something girl. This was proven this past Halloween when I dressed up as Ramona, and was greeted with warm, welcome smiles from the ladies present, and looks of bewilderment from the gents. Any way, the entries in my Ramona journal went something like this:
Who is your favorite character? Ramona
Which character are you most like? Ramona
Which character would you like to be? Ramona

Needless to say, she is very near and dear to my heart, and naturally I was devastated when Maggie alerted me to this news. Devastated.

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Nathaniel Smith said...

i remember watching recorded VHS tapes of that show when i was younger.