February 5, 2009

I Hope Bad Things Can Also Happen in Two's

Sprout was being weird this morning, and kept gazing upwards at the ceiling. I asked her if she was seeing ceiling ghosts, or if maybe she was rehearsing for the role of Joan of Arc, but she didn't respond. Eventually I noticed what she was looking at, a dripping leak in my bedroom ceiling. As leaks go, this is one of the non-disastrous types; it's not directly over my bed or anything else that would be a pain to move, and it appears to have subsided once the upstairs neighbors turned off their (evidently leaky) radiator. However, over the past year this apartment has suffered: two break-ins, a broken window, and-- just last month-- a leak that destroyed Janet's mattress and forced her to vacate her room and couch surf for a week. Oh yeah, and they raised the rent 10%.

While I was on my way to work, I pulled out my cell phone to check the time and instead of seeing a cute pic of Sprout, I saw nothing. I restarted, but all it would do was buzz. I think it was saying goodbye. I walked in the frigid 20-degree weather to the nearest cell phone store, and when I showed the man there my phone, he gasped, "you still have this phone! I haven't seen this model in years!" He was very helpful, and arranged a free upgrade to a new fancy schmancy phone that has a full keypad and lime green accents. I feel like the cool kids in Gossip Girl.

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Holly said...

you ARE a cool kid...ok, cool young adult!!