September 7, 2009

Childhood Memories Remixed

Electronic music artist Pogo creates tracks by sampling and mixing sounds from films, many of them children's movies. He also creates awesome music videos to accompany them. I have watched this one, based on the movie Hook, about a million times. This was a favorite movie of mine circa 1997, and one of the few I still own on DVD. I love the choice of raw material and the results.

I realize quite of few of you out there might have never seen Hook (shame on you) so here's another example based on Mary Poppins.

If there were a Reappropriate This Academy Award, Pogo would surely be the winner.


Maggie said...

I loved that Hook one! So creative. And catchy too. The Mary Poppins one reminded me that I found that movie really disturbing as a kid. I'm not quite sure why.

Nathaniel Smith said...

weird tidbit: as it turns out, Maggie Smith's (Wendy's) father was named Nathaniel Smith. o_0

Nathaniel Smith said...
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